Foxford Hills Golf Club
Rate Schedule


Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
Non-Resident Resident
  Ride Walk Ride Walk
18 Holes Prime - 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. $79 $79 $69 $69
18 Holes Mid-Afternoon - 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. $63 $63 $53 $53
9 Holes Before 7:30 a.m. (Back 9 Only) $40 $40 $35 $35
Twilight or 9 Holes After 4 p.m. $40 $40 $35 $35
Junior 18 and Younger; After 1 p.m. only
Regular rates apply before 1 p.m.
$40 $35 $35 $30
Family Golf After 5 p.m. - 9 Holes Only
(One Parent with One Child Under 18)***
$32 or $16pp $32 or $16pp $30 or $15pp $30 or $15pp
Monday - Friday
Excludes Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day
Non-Resident Resident
  Ride Walk Ride Walk
18 Holes Prime - 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. $69 $57 $59 $47
18 Holes Mid-Afternoon - 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. $53 $41 $43 $31
Senior (62 years of age and older) $45 $45 $40 $40
Twilight or 9 Holes After 4 p.m. $35 $35 $30 $30
Junior 18 and Younger; After 4 p.m. only
Regular rates apply before 4 p.m. (Must Be 16 W/ Valid Driver's License To Drive)
$32 $25 $26 $19
Family Golf After 5 p.m. - 9 Holes Only
(One Parent with One Child Under 18)***
$32 or $16pp $32 or $16pp $30 or $15pp $30 or $15pp
Seniors 62+ - 18 Holes        

RENTAL CLUBS: $40 for 18 Holes $30 for 9 Holes
Cobra F9 Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid
Cobra F9 Irons Regular Flex and Forged Tec Stiff Flex
Cobra Max Senior Set and Cobra XL Ladies set
Please call in advance to reserve your rental clubs 847-639-0400

Rate Description and Information

Cart Ride Alongs - Monday thru Friday (Only If Course Has Availability)
For those persons that do not play and wish to ride along with another player, the rate for 9-Holes = $20 and for 18-Holes = $28.  Regular rates apply on weekends.
Single Rider Carts - 18-Holes - $28 In addition To The Rider Fee and 9-Holes - $20 In Addition To Rider Fee. Based on Availability Only.  The golf course reserves the right to not rent an individual single rider cart to any individual if the demand of tee times is too great and the course cannot accomodate all golfers that have booked.  

ADA HANDICAP FLAG POLICY - Based on Americans with Disabilities Act Division, we have adopted the following policies inregards to the use of handicap flags on the golf course.
1. Patrons who have no visible disability will be required to produce a medical document from a currently treating medical provider on their letterhead. This letter must state the individual has either a stamina or mobility impairment that limits their walking of the golf course.
2. No patron will be given a handicap flag even if meeting the above critieria, if the superintendent has determined the golf course as "cart path only"
3. A handicap sticker used in an automobile for parking in a handicap space does not substantiate the use of a handicap flag for golf.
4. It was necessary for us to adopt these guidelines due to many people who show no signs of any visable disability and demanding handicap flags.

*** Family Golf After 5PM is a developmental program whereby one adult/guardian and one child under 18 can come out and play up to 9 holes of golf after 5PM.  Upon check-in, the two players must check-in together to confirm ages.  If you have more than one child, the Junior 18 and Younger rate will apply to the other guests in the amount of Ride/ Walk for Non-Residents and Ride/ Walk for Residents.  If a second adult plays the twilight or 9-hole rate will apply. If a cart is desired by the third or fourth player, a driver's license must be presented to use a motorized golf cart.  The course will strictly enforce the two person per cart rule for the safety of all players in the group.  In addition, the course will strictly enforce the 9-hole rule for guests.  Thank you and enjoy the program.

Prices do not include tax and are subject to change.  Seniors are 62 and up.  Tee times can be made 30 days in advance with a credit card.  For group outings of 12 or more players, reservations are accepted up to one year in advance by calling the golf shop at (847) 639-0400.  Thank you!

As of 2019, donation requests are no longer being taken from walk-in parties requesting one for an event outside of Foxford Hills Golf Club.  Foxford Hills Golf Club will only provide a donation to those groups that have an outing in excess of 72 golfers at Foxford Hills Golf Club. For those groups that have 72 or more golfers, the donation can be used as a gift/prize the group can auction off to one of their guests playing in the event at Foxford Hills Golf Club. All donations issued by Foxford Hills Golf Club have restrictions that must be followed by the individual presenting the donation at check-in at the course.  The donation is valid for only one use or one transaction at the time of check-in.  The donation cannot be broken up into individual rounds.  The donation cannot be used in coordination with league or outing play where a rate has been negotiated by the club with the group. No extensions of dates will be considered for any individual holding the donation including injury, surgeries, losing the donation or running out of time. The donation has a minimum price attached to it which must be paid for by each person in the group whether they are walking or riding. The donation must be used with persons in your booking party meaning if you only booked for 2 under your name, you do not have the right to use that donation for other persons you have been paired up with.  Additionally, all clubhouse, on-course, and driving range rules apply with the donation.  If it is found that the guest is trying to cause an issue with staff, threatening staff or causing physical damage to the course, the club reserves the right to ask any guest to leave and refuse service up to and including removal of guests from the premises (by staff and law enforcement).

Please note, since the course did not receive any monies from said group or entity to which they issued the donation, it is understood by all parties the donation is the property of the club and is not valid at the course until the fee outlined on the donation is paid by the booking party to the club - whether it is one, two, three or four persons. The holder of the donation further understands any monies paid for the donation are monies received by that organization on the donation certificate and Foxford Hills Golf Club has not received any monies for that donation until the donation holder and his/her group (under one name) pay the minimal fee listed on the donation certificate at time of check-in at the club. 

THOR GUARD - Lightning Detection System
The Cary Park District utilizes the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System at Cary-Grove Park, Hoffman Park, Jaycee Park, Kaper Park, Lions Park, the Community Center, and the Foxford Hills Golf Club. The system helps alert park users to hazardous weather conditions.

The system is operational between 7:00 am – 10:00 pm from April 1 – November 15.

When a lightning threat is detected:

  • The system will give one 15-second blast and/or strobe light flashes
  • Park users should clear the area immediately and find appropriate shelter

When the lightning threat has passed:

  • The system will give three 5-second horn blasts and/or strobe light stops
  • Park users can resume all outdoor activities

The Thor Guard system does not guarantee weather conditions are safe for outdoor activities. If you see lightning or hear thunder, even if the alarm does not sound, potentially dangerous weather is approaching.
Park users should clear the area and return 30-minutes after the last occurrence.

Watch for signage in the parks and outside of the facilities that have the lightning prediction system installed for more information.